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In general the minimum price for a Mobile Disco is approximately $400.00 per night. However DJ rates can vary from $400.00 to $1000.00; the following list will provide you some examples of why rates can differ from one DJ to another.


• Booking hours (6PM to 1AM vs. 8PM to 1AM)

• Distance to venue

• The quality of the DJs equipment

• Requirement for additional equipment such as extra speakers, wireless microphone

• Sophisticated lighting, or upgraded Up-Lighting fixtures

• Unconventional or specific installation

• Karaoke

• Song repertoire

• A reception hall that is difficult to access (ex; no elevator, downtown Ottawa, no parking)

• Most importantly the DJs overall level of experience


We can provide you with a detailed quote once we have established the following criteria: date, time, location, desired equipment and installation required.


When comparing our rates versus another DJs rates please consider comparing the type and quality of equipment they will be providing. Many discount DJs use sub-par equipment that can lead to failure and ruin you’re special once-in-a-lifetime evening!


We have decades of experience, combined with state of the art sound and lighting

equipment that is guaranteed to provide a result that will exceed your expectations.


By offering your guests a beautiful light show experience, it is likely that they will be talking about your event was for months and even years to come.


Your guests will have already forgotten the decorations and food, but they will never forget a good party!


Too often the importance of choosing a good, fair priced DJ is overlooked so here are some things to consider… a video/photographer’s fees are often much higher than what you would pay for a DJs and this is not even taking into account what you’ll be paying for the decorations and meals.


A professional DJ produces an atmosphere of fun and excitement that will make your wedding reception a night to remember.


We are often asked if we can provide our services without any lighting. While we could offer our DJ services without any lighting it is NOT recommended. Without any ambient lighting you will be forced to either leave main hall lighting on which does not create an inviting atmosphere for your guests and it can even make some feel uncomfortable to dance. Proper lighting plays a key role for a successful evening.


In summary an experienced DJ is an integral part of your event; he can read the ebb and flow of the dance floor, get a solid feel for the type of songs your guests like and all this is achieved by making timely adjustments based on years of experience so that your guests will be tearing up the dance floor and dancing the night away!




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