Package sample

Package 1 to 10

These sample pictures will give you an idea to compare between each package. Certain basic equipment are included in all packages such as: 12 foot trust with basic lighting on tripods and 2 Top JBL speakers

The difference between each package is the quantity of special effects. You can choose your favorite lights for each package.

View of the Dance floor as a sample

  • dj demo

Packages selection is simple;

Package 1 = 2 JBL + 1 trust + 1 effect

Package 2 = 2 JBL + 1 Sub + 1 trust + 2 effects

Package 3 = 2 JBL + 1 Sub + 1 trust + 3 effects

Package 4 = 2 JBL + 1 Sub + 1 trust + 4 effects, etc..

To limit the tripods, the effects can be installed in the trust depending on the space of the room.

See package # 3 with 3 special effects.. (mirror ball, laser & tri-phase.

With Extra sub bass & extra Uplights.

uplight dome

Smaller Package 1A for limited space or a smaller group.

6 foot Trust of LEd lights and a 4 or 6 panels DJ Facade.

DJ installation

In most events, equipment arrives at the reception hall 2 hours before guests arrive.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the doors are opened to receive the DJ. We are not responsible for delays if entry to the site was not possible. In general, the space required for the sound system including the speakers and the lighting is 12 x 12. These dimensions may vary depending on the chosen package and the size of the room. The establishment or client must provide the tables necessary to install the music equipment. 2 (6 footh) tables are required for a proper DJ installation